By Solon Papageorgiou, 5 November, 2022

Do you have any knowledge of depression?

It is a type of mental illness that typically impacts adults, older children, and adolescents who exhibit extreme and protracted melancholy and irritation.

Energy loss, social disengagement, eating and sleeping difficulties, and self-harm are frequent.

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What is depression? | UNICEF Parenting

By Solon Papageorgiou, 25 October, 2022

Did you know that your client's environment affects their mental health?

A nasty, stressful family or school environment with yelling, complaining, and arguing can harm mental health.

A mental health professional can help improve the environment.

By Solon Papageorgiou, 25 October, 2022

Do you know psychoeducation and its benefits?

It's educating your client about their mental disorder symptoms, prognosis, treatment, and more. And it's therapeutic.

So, go ahead and educate!